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Algarve region

The Algarve Region is the most important tourist region in Portugal and one of the most important in Europe.

The Algarve enjoys, throughout the year, the best weather conditions in Europe. Characterized by few periods of precipitation, usually concentrated in the months from November to March, and by a high level of insolation, the Algarve region has excellent weather conditions for the development of tourist activity throughout the year.
During the summer temperatures are high, a fact that favors “Sun and Sea” tourism and elevates the Algarve as an authentic paradise for bathers. This is a region bordered by fine white sand, which stretches for kilometers of coastline, and equipped with a calm sea, with warm temperatures that hover around 22 degrees centigrade in the summer period.

Talk to Portugal Yacht Charters Marinas

Marina de Albufeira docked speedboat charters dolphin charters and sailboat charters with view of colorful Albufeira houses and beach

marina of

Marina de Lagos dozens of docked boats for charter and organized city landscape all around

Marina of


Marina Portimao dozens of docked sailboat charters and private boat charters blue ocean all around and orange houses in the Marina

Marina of


Marina in

Alentejo region

The peaceful, colorful and warm landscape, filled by the peaceful coexistence between the populations and nature, the urban and the rural, make the Alentejo a unique and pleasant region that captivates those who visit it. Each town and village in Alentejo offers unforgettable images of the history and cultural traditions of the past, preserving a very rich historical and natural heritage and the most genuine of its people.

The climate is temperate Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers and rainy, mild winters. The decrease in maritime influence makes the more inland areas of Alentejo particularly hot in summer and relatively cold in winter.

Alentejo with Portugal Yacht Charters Marinas

Alqueva aluguer de barcos Marina Amieira

Marina of


Marina de Sines em Setúbal fretamentos de barco perfeitamente ancorado com vista para o mar sem fim e céu azul

Marina of


Marinas in

Central Region

This is a land of contrasts that offers you the best of the sea and the mountains, where you can discover the roots of our nationality, the best of our gastronomy, wines and an unparalleled cultural heritage.

The region predominantly has a hot summer Mediterranean climate in the interior and a mild summer Mediterranean climate on the coast and in the higher areas.

The Silver Coast with Portugal Yacht Charters Marinas

Marina Torreira in Aveiro long and wide grey sidewalk with benches and docked yacht charters with blue water all around

Marina of


Marina Figueira da Foz in Coimbra dozens of docked white boats city of coimbra and white sand beach view in the background

Marina of

Nazaré Marina in Leiria green trees all around and two speedboats entering the Marina in beautiful weather

Marina of


Marinas in

Lisbon region

The Lisbon region comprises part of the districts of Lisbon and Setúbal.

In the center of the region is the capital city of Portugal and its large metropolitan region, full of places of tourist and heritage interest, being one of the cities with the highest tourist demand on the European continent.

This region also stands out for its beautiful coast, with famous and diversified beaches, as well as a wide range of restaurants and hotels. A charmingly indented coast, with several water courses, mountains, mountainous areas, agricultural cultivation areas and industrial areas.

Portugal Yacht Charters Marinas in the Capital!

Doca de Recreio das Fontainhas Marina a lot of docked sailboat charters view of Setubal city

MArina of

Fontainhas (Setúbal)

Doca Espanhol a lot of docked sailboat charters and view of Lisbon Alcântara colorful buildings

MArina of

Alcântara (Lisbon)

Marina of

Belém (Lisbon)

Marina Santo Amaro Lisbon Lisboa few docked sailboat charters and view of Tejo River and 25 of april bridge

MArina of

Santo Amaro (Lisbon)

Marina Bom Sucesso in Lisbon Lisboa a lot of parked sailboat charters and view of Lisbon's roads

MArina of

Bom Sucesso (Lisbon)

Cascais Marina in Lisbon Lisboa dozens of docked big and medium sized boats and yachts for charter

Marina of


Marina Troia en Setúbal catamarán atracado y alquiler de yates con grandes edificios modernos y parques verdes por todas partes

Marina of

Troia (Setúbal)

Marina Parque das Nações in Lisbon Lisboa view of Vasco da Gama bridge and industrial Lisbon landscape

Marina of

Parque das Nações (Lisbon)

Marina de Oeiras in Lisbon Lisboa docked yachts for charter and luxurious houses and hotels with big pools all around the Marina

Marina of

Oeiras (Lisbon)

Marina de Sesimbra in Setúbal docked sailboats and boat charters mountain view in the background and cloudy weather

Marina de Sesimbra


Marinas of

North region

Northern Portugal is a culturally varied region. It is a land of dense vegetation and deep historical and cultural wealth.

The region predominantly has a summer Mediterranean climate, mild on the coast and a hot summer Mediterranean climate along the Douro Valley.

Only with Portugal Yacht Charters Marinas

Marina Povoa de Varzim view of endless beaches blue water and city of Povoa de Varzim

Marina of

Póvoa de Varzim

Marina Porto Atlantico view from above blue water and few docked boats

Marina of

Porto Atlântico Leça da Palmeira

viana do castelo passeio rio lima sunny day orange tile houses

Marina of

Viana do Castelo

Marina do Carregal dozens of docked sailboats and private speedboats in foggy weather

Porto de Recreio do


Douro Marina Portugal Yacht Charters

Marina of

Douro Marina (Vila N.Gaia)

Marina do Freixo dozens of small speedboats and big yachts for charter docked

Marina of

Freixo (Porto)

Marina Antiga Lota few docked sailboats for charter and fishing boats

Marina of

Antiga Lota (Aveiro)

Marinas of

Madeira archipelago region

The Autonomous Region of Madeira is a very touristy region throughout the year, due to its climate with mild temperatures both in winter and in summer and also famous for its spectacular fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

It is also known worldwide for its characteristic liqueur wine, Madeira Wine, for its flowers and for its landscapes with steep mountains, green and flowery valleys, the panorama of the sea and the cliffs of the coast and for its golden sand beaches on the island of Porto. Holy.

Marina of Porto Santo in Madeira docked sailboat charters mountain view cloudy sky

Marina of

Porto Santo

Marina Funchal madeira portugal veleiros barcos charter despedidas solteiro pesca mergulho golfinhos baleias sailo clickandboat palmayachts happyhourmadeira magic-dolfin venturadomar madeiraradical

Marina of


Marina Quinta do Lorde docked sailboat charters blue water and lighthouse view

Marina of

Quinta do Lorde (Caniçal)

Calheta Marina docked boat charters green mountains and blue sky view

MArina of


Marinas of

Azores Archipelago region

In the blue immensity of the Atlantic, Mother Nature created a land full of natural beauty and ready to be explored: the Azores Archipelago.

The Azores archipelago is made up of nine islands and some uninhabited islets.

The archipelago’s climate is maritime temperate, with an average temperature ranging from around 14°C in winter to 22°C in summer.

Marina da Horta açores dozens of sailboat charters docked view of the city white houses orange tile roofs

Marina of


Marina de Angra in açores at Angra do Heroismo lights reflecting off the water cloudy weather sailboat charters docked

Marina of


Marina da Vila in Açores plenty of docked white boats blue sky and ocean view

Marina of

Vila - V. Franca do Campo

Marina Pero de Teive in Ponta delgada Açores dozens of white sailboats docked and cloudy view

Marina of

Pêro de Teive Ponta Delgada

Marina Praia da Vitoria acores fishing boats and sailboats docked green mountain view in the background

Marina of

Praia da Vitória Ilha Terceira

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